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Digital Arts
Love the magazine. Love the site. Enjoy Neural.

Sounds Of Life
Pop on your headphones, and take a listen to The Sounds Of Life. A promising new series from on BBC Radio 4.

Here's one I made earlier
Need a time machine? Look no further than here

Mark Radcliffe
Possibly the best show on the radio. Ever.

If you don't like this, well some people just can't be pleased....

Registration Not Required
Don't want to register for a web site, just to read that 'members only' content? Check out BugMeNot.

Ruby Tuesday
A beautiful book on the Ruby programming language. Written by humans, for humans.

The Anti-Hummer
Would you drive this car?

MP3 files at the Beeb. Lord Reith would approve.
As an experiment, the BBC are making this years always excellent Reith lecture series available in downloadable MP3 files. Normally BBC content is only available in the Devils own format, Real Media Streaming.

They would like know if using MP3 format is a popular with listeners . Please send them some feedback here, and tell them this is a good thing!

Looking for the library look-up?
It's here...

Planet Google
Some very interesting thoughts here by Rich Skrenta and Jason Kottke on the future of Google. Do they however, have a larger plan?

Bill's guide to weblogs....
Interesting introduction to weblogs and weblog technology at MSDN of all places.

Summer Drinking...
Preparations for the long hot summer are in place, and we have decided that this years drink of choice will be Limoncello. Being impatient types, we are trying this fast track recipe. Results to follow in approximately 35 days.

Please note, lack of postings may indicate great sucess.

Let me raise this posting up the flagpole...
This Beeb story on cliches, made me sick as a parrot.

Continuing Education
Do you want to understand 'A New Kind Of Science' or 'Morphic Resonance'? Check out these two great resources of online lectures.

Multi-University/Research Laboratory

The Frances Willard House, Evanston IL
We welcome our friends at the Frances Willard House, to this 'thing', we call the Internet.

Please check out the forthcoming events at Frances Willard House

Are you an Airhead?
Airhead is an excellent site, created by the Chicago based Centre For Neighbourhood Technology. Airhead's Emissions Calculator, calculates your emissions impact on the enviroment. Give it a try and see your impact.

Chicago Library Look-Up - Part II
The Chicago Library Look-Up Bookmarklet, now has a more friendly permanent link :

The Grey Album
Like many other sites today, we support the rights of artist to re-use existing material in a creative manner.

Rather than host the content locally, here is a BitTorrent link

The Grey Album - BitTorrent Link

Thinking about the future...
The Long Now Foundation have made their ongoing series of lectures on longterm thinking, available in downloadable audio.

It's very good to see they are also supporting the under used open source Ogg format from Vorbis.

Beat your drum-kit, not your co-workers
Worth viewing this article at the BBC, for the great photo alone.
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