Notes From The Box FactoryA frequently infrequent, look at nothing in particular The Anti-Hummer Would you drive <a href="">this car?</a> MP3 files at the Beeb. Lord Reith would approve. As an experiment, the <a href="">BBC</a> are making this years always excellent <a href="http://">Reith lecture series</a> available in downloadable MP3 files. Normally BBC content is only available in the Devils own format, Real Media Streaming.<br><br>They would like know if using MP3 format is a popular with listeners . Please send them <a href="">some feedback here</a>, and tell them this is a good thing! <br> Looking for the library look-up? <a href="">It's here...</a> Planet Google Some very interesting thoughts here by <a href=''>Rich Skrenta</a> and <a href=''>Jason Kottke</a> on the future of Google. Do they however, have <a href='/weblog/wwwbbccouk/cult/hitchhikers/guide/deepthought.shtml'>a larger plan?</a> Bill's guide to weblogs.... <a href=''>Interesting introduction to weblogs</a> and weblog technology at <a href=''>MSDN</a> of all places. Summer Drinking... Preparations for the long hot summer are in place, and we have decided that this years drink of choice will be <a href=''>Limoncello</a>. Being impatient types, we are trying <a href=''>this fast track recipe</a>. Results to follow in approximately 35 days. <br><br>Please note, lack of postings may indicate great sucess. Let me raise this posting up the flagpole... This <a href=''>Beeb story on cliches</a>, made me sick as a parrot. Continuing Education Do you want to understand 'A New Kind Of Science' or 'Morphic Resonance'? Check out these two great resources of online lectures.<br><br><a href=''>MITWorld</a><br><a href=''>Multi-University/Research Laboratory</a><br> The Frances Willard House, Evanston IL We welcome our friends at the <a href="">Frances Willard House</a>, to this 'thing', we call the Internet. <br><br>Please check out the forthcoming events at <a href="">Frances Willard House</a><br> Are you an Airhead? <a href=''>Airhead</a> is an excellent site, created by the Chicago based <a href="">Centre For Neighbourhood Technology</a>. Airhead's <a href=''>Emissions Calculator</a>, calculates your emissions impact on the enviroment. Give it a try and see your impact. Chicago Library Look-Up - Part II The Chicago Library Look-Up Bookmarklet, now has a more friendly permanent link : <a href=""></a> The Grey Album Like <a href="">many other sites today</a>, we support the rights of artist to re-use existing material in a creative manner.<br><br>Rather than host the content locally, here is a <a href="">BitTorrent</a> link<br><br><a href="">The Grey Album - BitTorrent Link</a> Thinking about the future... The <a href="">Long Now Foundation</a> have made their ongoing series of lectures on longterm thinking, available in <a href="">downloadable audio</a>. <br><br>It's very good to see they are also supporting the under used open source <a href="">Ogg</a> format from Vorbis. Beat your drum-kit, not your co-workers Worth viewing <a href="">this article</a> at the BBC, for the great photo alone. Chicago Public Library Look-up Bookmarklet <A href="">Infoworld</a> columnist <a href="">Jon Udell</a>, has created a very handy bookmarklet to cross reference titles at the major online book stores (Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc), against the stock of your local library. This bookmarklet however, never worked with the <a href="">Chicago Public Library</a> system, which uses the <a href="">CARLweb</a> catalogue management software. After a little investigation into the esoteric features of CARLweb, I think I may have remedied this situation. <br><br>To use the bookmarket, drag one of the links below to browser navigation toolbar. Now call up the details of a desired title at Amazon or equivalent, and then click the 'Chicago Public Library Look-Up' toolbar button. With-in 5-15 seconds, details of the title should appear if available, listing the relevant library inventory and location details.<br><br><a href="javascript:var%20re=/([\/-]|is[bs]n=)(\d{7,9}[\dX])/i;if(re.test(location.href)==true){var%20isbn=RegExp.$2;void(''+'/cgi_bin/cw_cgi/index_10002REDIRXuseDatabase_735_i__.html'+isbn,'LibraryLookup','scrollbars=1,resizable=1,location=1,width=575,height=500'))}">Chicago Public Library Look-Up</a> - Pop-up version<br><br><a href="javascript:var%20re=/([\/-]|is[bs]n=)(\d{7,9}[\dX])/i;if(re.test(location.href)==true){var%20isbn=RegExp.$2;location.href=''+'/cgi_bin/cw_cgi/index_10002REDIRXuseDatabase_735_i__.html'+isbn,'LibraryLookup','scrollbars=1,resizable=1,location=1,width=575,height=500'}">Chicago Public Library Look-Up</a> - In-Frame Version<br><br><br>Possible issues:<br><ul><br><li>Books have unique <a href="">ISBN</a> numbers for both paperback and hardback editions. If available, it is likely that the library will stock the hardback edition, so select the relevant edition at the online store before searching.<br></li><br><li>The bookmarket creates a pop-up window, which may be suppressed, if you are running a pop-up blocking browser or application. Either disable the blocker before searching or use the "In-Frame' version of the bookmarklet.<br></li><br></ul><br><br>If your local library uses the CARLweb system, and you would like assistance in creating a bookmarklet, let me know and I will be happy to help. Please note, Jon tells me the search functionality appears to be inconsistent across CARLweb systems, so an implementation may not always be possible.<br> Music for the people <a href="">Magnatune</a> is a new online record company, aiming to address the issues of fairness to artists and online music piracy head-on. Magnatune are offering artists a 50/50 split of all revenue received. The higher royalty rate, is possible in part, as Magnatune will not be promoting the artists in the traditional manner. Magnatune will also make the whole artists catalog freely downloadable in 128k MP3 format. If you like what you hear, you can purchase an album in multiple high quality download formats, for typically around $8. <br><br>Magnatune do not expect to launch the next Beyonce, but see their place supporting niche market segments. Unlike the late MP3.COM, Magnatune have an A&R policy, and all music submitted must pass their review board, before the artist is accepted. <br><br>Take a listen and see what you like. It’s a great open and honest business model and I hope they enjoy success.<br> Flip incubates a blog empire? One time Chicago big Internet cheese, Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski, has entered the world blogging. The latest product from Flip’s venture <a href=""></a> is the service <a href=""></a>, which aims to deliver corporate blogging solutions. Interesting to see how this pans out. You've got mail (coming) If you have ever anticpated the arrival of email, you may like to take part in <a href="">Rupert Sheldrake's</a>, <a href="">email telepathy experiment</a>. AI It's always heart warming to see a lone man in a shed, leading his field. A fascinating <a href=",6903,1130367,00.html">Observer profile</a> of AI pioneer and 'father' of <a href="">Lucy</a>, <a href="">Steve Grand</a>. Spammed Out... In an attempt to fight ever increasing amounts of spam in my inbox, I installed <a href=''>Spam Bayes.</a> So far, this Open Source solution has performed well. Recommended.